Музыка для кафе и ресторанов

Special music playlists for cafes and restaurants

It is difficult to lure a customer with a sweet bun if it is sold on every corner. Therefore, in the HoReCa segment, neuromarketing is increasingly important: interior, fragrances, music. But, if many restaurateurs have already coped with the first two factors, then the choice of sound design is still an open question:

It is dangerous to choose according to your taste. Tracks can simply irritate buyers and leave them prematurely;
In addition, the question of the legality of music in a restaurant is important. After all, it is used for commercial purposes — it is important to conclude an agreement on reproduction rights.

Music is part of the overall atmosphere

It fills the void in which it is scary to clink a spoon, cuts off all external noises that can distract visitors and affect their mood.
Well-chosen background music for a cafe complements the atmosphere that customers appreciate so much. She is able to make them stay with you longer or come more often.

Music for the bar

The playlist is compiled depending on the style of the institution. Rock, folk, metal, punk, etc. are played in pubs. In fact, a wide variety of music is played in institutions of this format, including various directions of electro and pop.

However, too heavy music in bars sounds infrequently, except at theme parties. Still, really heavy metal is not conducive to relaxation in a cheerful company, although there are exceptions.

Music for cafe

In cafes, background music is also selected taking into account the day of the week, time of day, and the portrait of the average visitor. In establishments with a dance floor, positive and dynamic tracks are usually played, which call the guests of the establishment to come out and light it up properly. On the other hand, lounge, light foreign «pop» and other music that promotes relaxation can play in the same establishments during the day.

Light relaxing music plays in the family-sized cafe. Sometimes children’s songs are heard in such institutions.

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